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Louboutin Nail Polish, A weapon of beauty and self defense

Louboutin Nail Polish, A weapon of beauty and self defense

Louboutin nail polish

Thought the Christian Louboutin nail polish would be your chance to buy into the Louboutin dream without spending your entire paycheck on his shoes?

It might be, but it’ll still cost you a pretty penny.

The Rouge Louboutin nail polish, out today at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York and Louboutin boutiques in the US, costs a shocking $50 per bottle.

What superpowers does this nail polish have to…

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10 breathtaking haute couture looks for Fall 2014

10 breathtaking haute couture looks for Fall 2014

Haute couture gods have once again descended upon Paris, introducing the Fall/Winter 2014/15 season. While the ostentatiously wealthy are busy sending their orders to fashion houses, we mere mortals can drool over the photos of the resplendent creations. Acute aspiration disorder? Nothing provokes it like haute couture.

1. Giambattista Valli

giambattista-valli-haute-coutureValli’s Queen of the desert, irressistibly chic nomad,…

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Urban Research virtual dressing room vendor lets you try on clothing digitally, purchase online

Urban Research virtual dressing room vendor lets you try on clothing digitally, purchase online

wearable clothing by urban research virtual digital dressing fitting room parco ikebukuro fashion retail

h is a virtual dressing room interactive digital unit was recently installed for a trial run in Ikebukuro Parco department. The fashion brand Urban Research created the unit which can be set up anywhere there’s electricity and wifi, and enough space. Like the many next-generation smart touchscreen vendors now commonly found in central Tokyo train stations, it uses a camera to scan the user’s…

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Normcore: Stay Fuckless My Friend

Normcore: Stay Fuckless My Friend

When the term “normcore” arrived earlier this year, the hipster media fell upon it in the same over-thought way that it does with most trends. The New York TimesNew York,Vice and Vogue offered their inconsistent definitions. Fashion brands like A.P.C. told us they were already over it, and clothing brands like Hanes told us they were totally down with it from the start. Instagram celebrities…

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It would cost $343,368 to buy every product featured in Vogue.

Like many of us, Noah Veltman of  found himself feeling uncomfortably covetous every time he read a glossy magazine.

But rather than forking out $695 for the Tom Ford swim trunks he saw featured in GQ, Veltman, a journalist and developer at the New York City public radio station WNYC, decided to parse the data. He hand-tallied the quantities and prices of products featured on the…

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Adidas x Rita Ora: The Black Collection

Adidas x Rita Ora: The Black Collection

adidas Originals by Rita Ora   Fall 2014 Black Collection

adidas Originals has unveiled its hotly anticipated collaboration project with Rita Ora. Suitably dubbed the Black Collection, the range features a monochromatic aesthetic used on apparel, accessories and sneakers, accented with pops of contrasting yellow and glow-in-the-dark detailing. Varsity-inspired chenille patches are a prominent motif, while a black leather material story provides a sleek…

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Playtime with MSGM & TOILETPAPER

MSGM x ToiletPaperFun is the name of the game for MSGM designer Massimo Giorgetti. It permeates every thread of the street-influenced Milan label, extending even to its extracurricular activities. Giorgetti’s second and latest collaboration with Toilet Paper — the image-driven cult magazine by (former) artist Maurizio Cattelan and photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari — is so colorful, so bright, so pop that you might…

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The Non-Wearable Fashion of Nikoline Liv Andersen

Nikoline Liv Andersen / Studio Portrait by Alastair Philip Wiper. Courtesy of MINDCRAFT.

Working on the intersection between fashion design and visual art, Danish fashion designer Nikoline Liv Andersencreates elaborate garments that are not meant to be worn. Instead, they are almost a  stage for experimentation and for telling stories about human nature and our way of life. A graduate of The…

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The Next Black: A Film About The Future of Clothing

Studio XO, photo © The Next Black, AEG.

With the objective of anticipating future washing needs and contributing to making the clothing industry more sustainable, ‘The Next Black’ is a 45-minute documentary that explores the future of clothing, produced by home appliance manufacturer AEG together with the award-winning production company House of Radon. Some of the most innovative companies…

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Doritos and 7eleven are plotting my demise!

Doritos and 7eleven are plotting my demise!

Let me disclaim this fuckery you’re about to read by saying I am not at ALL “THAT” into junk food. But let’s be clear, Doritos clearly holds the monopoly on taking all the already crappy food you’re not supposed to eat and making it irresponsibly delicious. (Doritos Locos Tacos ring a bell?? FUCK YEA it does!! Don’t try to act!)

Well, I found myself (ironically) walking past this big ass sign on…

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Tory Burch x Fitbit

Tory Burch x Fitbit

Tory Burch officially launched her high-end accessory collection for the Fitbit Flex on Tuesday, bringing a stylish refresh to the unattractive fitness tracker design market.

While fitness trackers become increasingly popular, their bands have developed a reputation for having a cheap, rubbery look. To make the technology nighttime ready and more like jewelry than something you’d wear to the gym,…

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Why You Suck as a Consumer

Why You Suck as a Consumer

shoppingI’m only calling myself a shop girl because it sounds cute and sassy. I’m far from cute or sassy. I’m a Daria type working in a Quinn world. While I am in retail, clothing to be exact. I’m an overpaid supervisor at a highly performing European clothing company. I’m desperate to get out but at the time no one is paying what they pay or dishing out the benefits they happily give in this economy. So…

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Lollapalooza Recap: ASOS Rocked with a little Salt-n-Pepa

Lollapalooza Recap: ASOS Rocked with a little Salt-n-Pepa

Now that Lollapalooza concert goers have fully been able to rehydrate and recover from three full days of drinking festival fun at the start of the month, we can look back on highlights from some of the best daytime lounges and after parties that continue to keep Chicago on the radars of Rolling Stone and Us Weekly just the same. From the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago’s annual awesome VIP lounges and…

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